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Crystal Bar

"Our goal is to help others discover true health and happiness through a holistic lifestyle with natural products and remedies."
-Patrice Buckley, CEO

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What Our Tribe Is Saying

Ariyana S.

Recently I noticed myself suffering from headaches due to stress and anxiety related to work and as soon as I lite the candle and was able to really smell the scent, the heaviness of the headache just lifted off of me. It brought such a serenity to the room that truly relaxed me and made the room feel better during my stressful work days. Definitely will be purchasing again. 

Rick L.

Had to come back and order another one lol. I love it. I rub it on me and I meditate and I can honestly say I feel so relaxed and good.

Tonaya G.

I never heard of Ylang Ylang before, but after your great descriptions I wanted to try something new.  It's very exotic and it has a unique smell, I love it!

"It's simple, really.
All natural, plant based products.
Good for you and the
The best choice for those who embrace wellness"

-Patrice Buckley, CEO

Skin Care Collection

Plant Based Skin Care.

Plant based skin care that's good for you and the environment. Check out our four step system.

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Herbal Tea Collection

Tea For Every Occasion.

Whether you are sipping for taste or to relieve stress, we have the perfect blend for you. 

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Aromatherapy Candle Collection

Wooden Wick Candles.

Try our even, slow burning candles. Made with virgin coconut soy wax. It's clean burning, natural, and biodegradable.

Image by Hanna Balan

Gemstone Jewlery Collection

Jewelry For The Spirit.

Handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry to help raise your vibrations.

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Meet The CEO

Patrice Buckley is the CEO and Founder of Roots Official, LLC. Her personal struggles with mental illnesses motivated her to start Roots. “I’ve struggled with my identity for so long, always trying to fit in and not feeling good enough for anything..."

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Products are handmade in Houston, TX