Our Story

Patrice Buckley is the CEO and Founder of Roots Official, LLC. Her personal struggles with mental illnesses motivated her to start Roots. “I’ve struggled with my identity for so long, always trying to fit in and not feeling good enough for anything, and I felt so alone. It was just my anxiety and seasonal depression driving all of these thoughts and feelings. After 8 years of dealing with this and finally getting the proper education on Mental Health and Holistic Wellness I realized I wasn’t alone. But, I have to tell my story so others know they aren’t alone either. My goal is to help others discover true health and happiness with a holistic lifestyle and natural products and remedies."


Patrice takes a holistic approach to healing and has the mindset that nature provides the best medicine. She pulls from earth’s resources to create natural healing solutions. Her belief is that everyone deserves to live a life full of peace and abundance and that starts from within. Roots was created based on that principle. All products are designed to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.


She is currently in the process of obtaining her Ph.D. in Philosophy with a concentration in Holistic Medicine and Healing Nutrition. Soon she will offer a host of holistic health services which include stress elimination, energy enhancement, disease prevention, detoxification strategies, women’s health, private and group yoga sessions, and nutritional balancing through a whole body approach. 


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