Hey Everyone 💕

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Patrice Buckley and I am the proud Founder and CEO of Roots. I still smile when I say that because I can't believe I actually made my dream a reality. But first, let me give you guys a little back story....

For the past eight years, I have struggled with anxiety and seasonal depression. This has caused me to miss out on amazing opportunities and ruin many relationships. Since I felt ashamed and alone, I sometimes lashed out on people who did not deserve it. From the eighth grade until my junior year in college I lacked confidence and spent majority of my time trying to fit in. Unfortunately, I lost myself in the process. Once I became properly educated and trained in numerous mental health arenas, I realized I wasn’t alone. Now I have to tell my story. 

The journey of healing and accepting yourself is not an easy process, but it is worth it.  Throughout my mental health journey, I have learned that you cannot perform well in any area of your life until you are well within. There are so many people who suffer silently. I want to encourage everyone that it is okay not to be okay, but don’t stay that way. Forming a relationship with God, prayer, and therapy is what saved me. Unfortunately, therapy is frowned upon, especially in the black community. I want to help put an end to that. For everyone who is reading this, if you are struggling right now, I want you to know that it does get better. However, you have to seek help.

Roots was founded based on my desire to properly educate people on Mental Health and create natural solutions to help improve it. I am excited to announce that I am back in school getting my Masters in Philosophy with a concentration in Holistic Medicine and Healing Nutrition, so believe me when I say the best of my help is yet to come.

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