What is self-care?

Do you actually take care of yourself? I know that may seem like a silly question, but if you follow me on social media (I hope everyone does @Rootsofficial__ on Instagram and twitter) then you know I constantly talk about practicing self-care. But what is it? Simply put, self-care is an activity that we deliberately do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It seems very simple, but it is something that often times gets overlooked.

Having a great self-care routine is the key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It is also good to know what self-care isn’t. To begin, it is not selfish. As Agnes Wainman has explained, “It is something that refuels us, rather than takes from us.” It is not just about prioritizing your needs, but knowing what you need to do in order to take care of yourself. For example, we know that we need to pay bills, but that is not an act of self-care. (Taking a relaxing bath, listening to music while cooking, or going for a walk in the park are all acts of self-care.) Think about it this way, you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you don’t properly take care of yourself, you won’t be in a place to take care of others.

So where do you start?

· Self-care is not a one size fits all. It looks differently for everyone. For example, some people view working out as a form of self-care and others view it as something that they need to do.

· Start small, as time progresses you will be able to find your own routine and identify self-care activities that work best for you.

· Self-care is something that needs to be planned. You must actively look for opportunities to practice self-care.

· Create a “no” list: Examples: don’t check emails at night, don’t hang out with people who drain you, don’t check social media after 9pm, etc.

· Practice meditation/yoga

· Spend time with loved ones

· Do at least one self-care activity every day, whether it’s take a relaxing bath or doing a facial. It doesn’t have to always be as elaborate as going to a spa.

Create a 30-day self-care routine and see how you feel before and after. Check out our self-care checklist (located under the download section of our shop tab) if you need help keeping track of how often and when you are practicing self-care. Remember it’s about progression and not perfection.

See you guys next week!

*This post is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease*

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