Linen Spray + Body Butter Bundle 


Sweet Dreams Linen Spray (4oz)

Scent: Lavender + Chamomile + Rose

Benefits: Sleep improvement 


Soothing and calming linen spray formulated with lavender, chamomile, and rose essential oils to help improve sleep.


Peace of Mind Body Butter (Stress Relief) (4oz) 

Scent: Lavender + Peppermint 

Benefits: Relieves stress and anxiety 


Show me Love Body Butter (Uplifting) (4oz)

Scent: Bergamot + Grapefruit

Benefits: Improves energy and uplifts mood 


Sex with Me Body Butter (Aphrodisiac) (4oz) 

Scent: Ylang Ylang + Neroli

Benefits: Aphrodisiac 


Brown Sugar Body Butter (Relaxing) (4oz) 

Scent: Bergamot + Rose

Benefits: Relaxes the body and mind 


Sodium Fine Body Scrub (Invigorating) (4oz) 

Scent: Chamomile  + Peppermint  + Orange  

Benefits: Exfoliating body scrub 

Linen Spray + Body Butter Bundle

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