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Palo Santo has amazing spiritual and emotional healing and connecting properties and also heals the physical body and various ailments. It has been traditionally used as a cleanser and purifier. It helps releive anxiety, depression, and emotional pain and suffering. 




Smudging Instructions:


1. Burn in well-ventilated area. Do no leave unattended. Keep away from animals, children, and flammable material. 


2. While smudging always think good thoughts and say your blessing or prayer. 


3. Hold the stick at one end and point it downward at a 45-degree angle, bring a flame to the downward pointed tip, and rotate the stick to light different parts of the Palo Santo. Light the stick until it catches fire. Put out the fire by gently blowing it out. Fan the Palo to develop a nice, even ember. 


4. Place the smoking Palo in a non-flammable bowl to catch ash and embers. You may also hold the Palo in your hand while you smudge.


5. Smudge your body with the smoke, cleanse yourself with the smoke. Smudge your hands to prepare yourself for your ritual. Smudge your legs so you can walk through life in a good way. Smudge your mouth to speak good things. Smudge your eyes to see good things. Smudge your ears to hear good things. Smudge your heart to feel good things. Smudge your head to think good things. 




Great Creator, I come before you with an open heart.

I ask that you hear me and I thank you for this sacred plant.

I respectfully light this sacred plant and humbly call on its spirit.

As its sacred smoke touches my body, I ask that it cleanse my mind, body, and spirit.

As it sacred smoke fills this room, I ask that it purify, protect, and bless this space.

As its sacred smoke rises, I ask that it carry away all negativity, fears, and attachments.

As this sacred smoke leaves, I ask that light , joy, and love take its place. 


Not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease 

Palo Santo

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